OR-FACE 2015 annual report published

face imageThe Oregon Fatality Assessment & Control Evaluation (OR-FACE) recently published Occupational Fatalities in Oregon Annual Report 2015.

OR-FACE annual reports include analysis of the incidents that occurred in the reporting year, with charts for industry, event, age, gender, time, month, and more. These reports also include an abstract of each case. In 2015, OR-FACE recorded 38 fatal occupational incidents resulting in worker deaths. The transportation industry had the highest number of fatalities for the year with forestry / logging and construction tied as second highest. There were 3 delayed deaths (>2 days from date of injury) in 2015. The incident for one of these cases occurred 39 years prior.

These annual reports and other resource materials have been published on the OR-FACE website since 2003 when the program began. It is hoped that better understanding of these fatal incidents may help to save the lives of other workers in similar situations.

Submitted by Barb Epstien, OR-FACE