Connecting at OPHA


Faculty and staff attended the The 2017 Annual OPHA Conference and Meeting held in Corvallis, OR on October 9th to October 10th. During the conference we showcased research findings, networked with public health professionals, and met with attendees interested in learning more about toolkits and tools developed by the Oregon Healthy Workforce Center (OHWC).

With the exhibition of several posters at the poster session, many conference attendees were curious about the Institute’s role in researching and developing interventions to promote occupational safety, health and well-being. During an Injury Prevention Session, Dr. Kent Anger gave an oral presentation on “Total Worker Health intervention for construction improves safety, health and well-being”. His main focus was to bring awareness to the “Be Super!” toolkit, aimed at promoting the health of construction workers. Below are direct links to the abstract from all presentations given during the conference.


Total Worker Health Intervention for Construction Improves safety, health and well-being
Authors: W. Kent Anger*, Jason Z. Kyler-Yano, Katie A. Vaughn, Bradley Wipfli, Ryan Olson, Magali Blanco

Poster Presentations:

Putting Total Worker Health to practice: Disseminating toolkits by the Oregon Healthy Workforce Center
Authors: Anjali Rameshbabu*, Rachel Matsumoto, Dan Austin, Kent Anger, Helen Schuckers, Leslie Hammer

The COMPASS Total Worker Health® program for home care workers: Impact and dissemination
Authors: Kelsey Parker*, Ryan Olson, Jennifer Hess, Sharon Thompson, Kristy Luther Rhoten, Miguel Marino

Why Total Worker Health expands occupational health into the arena of traditional public health
Authors: W. Kent Anger*

Detecting safe patient peer leaders with social network analysis
Authors: David A. Hurtado*, Lisset M. Dumet, Samuel A. Greenspan

Workplace aggression associated with work schedule: A case study among parole probation officers
Authors: Lisset M. Dumet*, Samuel A. Greenspan, David A. Hurtado

Social network analysis of peer-specific safety support and ergonomic behaviors: An application to safe patient handling

Authors: Samuel Greenspan*, Lisset Dumet, Yaritza I. Rodriguez, David Hurtado

Blog Submitted by Helen Schuckers, MPH, Dissemination Specialist/Research Associate and Sharanya Pradeep, Intern.IMG_8687IMG_8650