Wishes for 2018


As we move through this final month of 2017, all of us at the Oregon Institute of Occupational Health Sciences wish you safe, healthy and happy holidays.  In addition, our staff and faculty share the following specific wishes for the coming year:

I hope that good ideas, careful science and hard work are always rewarded—-Steven Shea, Institute Director

We wish everyone a safe holiday season with a reminder to wear fall protection even if your name is Santa. #SantaWearsHisPPE #HomeSafe4theHolidays…..And you’ll hear us exclaim, ‘ere we buckled up and drove out of sight, Healthy holidays to all and to all a safe night —- The OR-FACE Team – Ryan, Layla, Barb and Jason.

We hope for more chances to get to know our colleagues informally – more ‘happy hours’ and get-togethers—-and, high compliance rates for sleep tracking—–The Hammer Lab – Krista, Janelle, Jason, Marcus, Shalene, Jackie, and Phoenix

I wish for everyone the patience to share their time and talent with others—– Sam Greenspan, Hurtado Lab

I wish for people to make more eye contact with people instead of their phones or computers—during lunch at work, group meetings, or when meeting friends. To realize that technology is a tool and not a substitute for relationships —– Anjali Rameshbabu, OHWC Manager

Wishing everyone a balanced 2018 while at work and at home—-Jen Prissel, Associate Director for Admin

During the holidays, take a moment to call a loved one over the phone (not through text!) to see how they are doing and that you are thinking of them. A small phone call can help promote human connectedness and bring a a sense of well-being to yourself and others especially in these technologically advanced times.—-Helen Schuckers, Dissemination Specialist

Happy Holidays to the many workers and employers who strive to improve the health, safety, and well-being of the workforce and their families —Leslie Hammer, Professor

My number one wish is for people to become more active citizens, but scientifically, if you know someone who uses any cannabis products for their sleep please encourage them to complete my short survey for a chance to win a $50 Amazon gift card https://is.gd/cansleep.—Nicole Bowles, Post-Doc Researcher

Wishing everyone Happy Holidays and a healthy environment—-Mitchell Turker, Professor

I wish for every person throughout the workforce to be treated respectfully and protected from harm — Dede Montgomery, Outreach & Education