Institute researchers share work at SIOP Conference

Several members of the OccHealthSci shared findings and information from ongoing research at the 33rd Annual Conference of the Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology (SIOP) located in Chicago, IL.

Overall, six symposia and panel discussions were attended by our researchers and spanned the work in Dr. Ryan Olson’s lab regarding nutrition and exercise in adult working populations to Dr. Leslie Hammer’s training of supervisors to support civilian employed veterans, the Study for Employment Retention of Veterans (SERVe). In addition, several poster presentations involved Dr. Hammer’s work with the US Forest Service, as well as her work on the Safety and Health Improvement Project and the Work, Family, and Health Network projects.

Dr. Hammer presented work regarding the efficacy of an intervention aimed at improving perceptions of veteran employees among civilian supervisors. Her presentation on positive training results combined well with other presentations tackling the issue of successful veteran reintegration into the civilian workforce.

Dr. Kelsey Parker took part in a panel discussion surrounding issues related to physical health and risk factors in the decisions employees make regarding nutrition, exercise, and drug use (smoking, alcohol).

Jacqueline Brady, a doctoral student at Portland State University (PSU), shared novel findings in the work–life research arena stemming from her investigation of the interplay between spousal support and job enrichment in dual-earning couples based on SERVe.

Derek Brown, also a doctoral student at PSU, presented findings from a research project with the US Forest Service by Jessica Nguyen, a 2017 summer intern at the Institute, Leslie Hammer, and Institute post-doctoral researcher MacKenna Perry. This research examined the influence of different forms of social support at work on reducing role ambiguity and increasing job satisfaction.

In addition, several other collaborators from OHSU, PSU, Colorado State University (CSU) and Pennsylvania State University were an integral source of support at SIOP. Kent Anger, Ryan Olson, Krista Brockwood, Phoenix Rain Bird, and Wylie Wan from OHSU contributed time and expertise to the work presented at SIOP. Todd Bodner, Donald Truxillo, and Brad Wipfli from Portland State served important roles in conducting this research as well. Fellow OHP researcher and project consultant Tori Crain (a PSU alum!), along with members of her lab, Shayln Stevens, Rebecca Brossoit, and Jordyn Leslie from CSU shared several research projects examining the impact of sleep on several job-related outcomes (e.g., job satisfaction and safety compliance). Finally, Soomi Lee and Orfeu Buxton from Pennsylvania State University aided research regarding the influence of sleep on job outcomes among healthcare workers.

Submitted by: Luke Mahoney, graduate research assistant; Derek Brown, graduate research assistant; and Leslie Hammer, PhD.

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