A summer of fun and translation

What good is great science when there are no takers for it? Here at the Oregon Healthy Workforce Center (OHWC), we are determined to increase information sharing between scientists and practitioners so we can learn what the real-world needs are, develop evidence-based solutions for them, and turn them over to those who can effectively apply them, thus creating a successful exchange of practice and research. This exchange is crucial to producing targeted approaches for workplace safety, health, and well-being.

One of our platforms for facilitating such information exchange is OHWC’s Occupational Health Psychology Summer Institute, held last month. Our theme this year was Translation of Workplace Interventions: Dissemination and Implementation. The three-day event was filled with great interactive presentations, punctuated by healthy debate and discussion, and attended by an ideal mix researchers, practitioners, and stakeholders in the occupational safety and health community. If you missed this event, our recordings are now available! Here’s a recap of the talks over the three-day event:

Utilizing Technology to Mobilize Workplace Well-being (Steve Hunt and Autumn Krauss)

Wondering how to talk to decision makers about implementing a program? Ken Matos demonstrated how to approach organizational leaders using data and compelling stories. Are you struck by the changing landscape around work roles and the big-bang style emergence of the contract and temporary work industry? Listen to Casey Chosewood from NIOSH (opening picture above) and Lisa Brosseau as they describe these changes and propose Total Worker Health® lessons to reevaluate and address the changing needs of workers. Are you a scientist wondering how to effectively communicate your research and develop solutions that that can translate well in real-world settings? Talks by Helen Schuckers, Dede Montgomery, and Anjali Rameshbabu discuss just that. Hear engaging talks by Steve Hunt and Autumn Krauss about using technology to implement science-based well-being strategies at work. Feeling a little activism energy? Sabrina Freewyn shows you how to build a movement for Total Worker Health®. Listen to Anna Meiners share her organization’s focus around enhancing mental health in the workplace and Amy Beacom’s heartwarming talk on parental leave support at the workplace. Ryan Olson, MacKenna Perry, and Kent Anger from OHWC presented lessons learned from disseminating their evidence-based toolkits, Marnie Dobson shared the Health Work Campaign for work stress prevention, and Mark Fleming traced the 30 year history of safety science and its translation to practice.

Let’s take a break from all this sitting! (MacKenna Perry)

The Summer Institute concluded with an exceptional panel discussion with speakers sharing their insights, experiences, and motivation for the work they do each day toward helping workers stay safe, healthy, and well, on and off the job. We hope that our event provided lessons that will help both, academics and practitioners make meaningful strides toward our common goal: improving the lives of workers.

Bringing It All Together: Panel Discussion

Did you attend our Summer Institute? We’d love to hear from you. Please leave us your comments or contact us for more information.