The psychology of emergency preparedness

Many of us have been sometimes inundated with reminders about emergency preparedness and planning, whether for our workplace or our personal lives. What is it, though, that motivates and actually gets people to not just take such warnings and advice seriously but to effectively plan and prepare?

We are pleased to address this at our Fall 2018 symposium, co-sponsored by Portland State University and the Oregon Healthy Workforce Center.

This symposium approaches emergency management, disaster planning, and business continuity through a refreshing lens: psychology. Why is it that some organizations thrive, while others fail, when threatened with uncertainty? What makes some people prepare for the Cascadia subduction zone earthquake, while others ignore it? What are the best ways to prepare for, respond to, and recover from an active shooter situation? Our expert panel of speakers will help tackle these questions by delving into the why so that we can better understand the how—taking us from “awareness” to “action” in the Pacific Northwest.

Visit our symposium webpage to learn more about the specific presentations and speakers: we are pleased to have such knowledgeable presenters lined up. Online registration will be available in early September. We hope to see you then!

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