Emergency preparedness webinars

With the start of the new year comes new goals and planning. Perhaps your planning includes developing strategies, resources or an action plan for emergency preparedness within your workplace or at home?

This past November, our institute collaborated with Portland State University’s Occupational Health Psychology Program (OHP) to host a Fall Symposia on “Emergency Preparedness and Disaster Response for the workplace: From awareness to action.” This speakers touched on emergency management, disaster planning and business continuity, as well as helped us better understand the how—taking us from “awareness” to “action” in the Pacific Northwest. At the symposia, we hosted over 130 attendees both in-person and online through our webinar. The symposia webinar and handouts are now available online.

Save-the-date for our Spring 2019 Symposium on Friday, June 7th at the Wilsonville Holiday Inn on the topic of workplace aggression. Stay tuned for more details.