Sleep team’s research highlighted by The American Physiological Society

We congratulate OccHealthSci sleep researchers upon receiving special distinction by The American Physiological Society (APS). APS recently acknowledged OHSU and Institute researchers, and collaborators: Saurabh Thosar, Jose Rueda, Alec Berman, Michael Lasarev, Maya Herzig, Noal Clemons, Sally Roberts, Nicole Bowles, Jonathan Emens, David Ellison, and Steven Shea, for distinguished recognition of a recent article published in the American Journal of Physiology – Regulatory, Integrative and Comparative Physiology. Thosar, Clemons, and Bowles all are researchers and faculty at the Oregon Institute of Occupational Health Sciences (OccHealthSci), and Dr. Steven Shea is the Institute Director. (The picture above includes all members of OccHealthSci’s Shea Laboratory, not only those awarded above).

The article was titled, “Separate and interacting effects of the endogenous circadian system and behaviors on plasma aldosterone in humans.” Saurabh Thosar is the lead author of this publication.

The team discovered that the morning peak in the hormone aldosterone is driven by the internal body clock, independent of behaviors such as sleep, food intake and exercise. This discovery may have clinical relevance as it relates to measurement of aldosterone, and treatment of hypertension using aldosterone-antagonist drugs.

Learn more about sleep research at the Steven Shea Laboratory at Oregon Institute of Occupational Health Sciences.

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