2019 Partners’ Luncheon

Photo of group breakout session at Partners' Luncheon 2019

Last week, the Oregon Healthy Workforce Center invited stakeholders at the Oregon Health & Science University to engage in a conversation about improving the safety, health, and well-being of OHSU employees. In order to facilitate a well-informed and fruitful dialogue, we invited colleagues from diverse backgrounds and experiences at OHSU, which led to an enriching discussion powered by decision-makers and leaders from  Human Resource, Risk Management, AFSCME (public employees’ union), School of Medicine, Occupational Health, Environmental Safety and Health, and Transportation.

The goals of our Partners’ Luncheon are to (a) highlight compelling workplace safety, health, and well-being issues and (b) identify avenues for intervention development to address those issues, using Total Worker Health.

Among many take-aways from this 2-hour event were the passion that our colleagues felt for enhancing worker well-being, the drive to tackle what are some compelling concerns, and the quiet dedication toward making a difference at every level. We look forward to bolstering our partnerships with our colleagues at OHSU, boost our collaborative strengths and efforts, and bring Total Worker Health home.

To learn more about our past events, visit our Partners’ Luncheon webpage.

Blog submitted by: Anjali Rameshbabu and Helen Schuckers