OHWC fresh new look

The Oregon Healthy Workforce Center (OHWC) is launching a fresh new look this Spring. This month, OHWC will be rolling out a new graphic element for our outreach efforts.

Housed within Oregon Institute of Occupational Health Sciences, the mission of the Oregon Healthy Workforce Center is to improve the safety, health and well-being of workers through Total Worker Health® research. OHWC designs, develops and evaluates the effectiveness of integrated programs that jointly address work-specific factors such as hazard reduction and work redesign along with employee-specific issues like chronic illness prevention and health improvement. We put our mission into action through:

  • Effectiveness research
  • Dissemination of evidence-based programs
  • Active interdisciplinary collaboration with partner organizations on research, outreach, and education

Each toolkit or tool developed by OHWC integrates health protection (i.e., occupational safety and health), employee well-being (health promotion) and takes into account of work and home life. Our tools are evidence-informed and our toolkits are evidence-based meaning they were tested in a randomized controlled design. You can find OHWC’s tools and toolkits on YourWorkpath.com.