New Be Super toolkit user guide

Construction workers in the United States are 3 to 5 times more likely to be injured or killed on the job compared to workers in other industries. The Be Super toolkit is an evidence-based program designed to help organizations in construction improve safety, health and well-being by educating supervisors on effective supervision, safety practices and healthy lifestyles. Be Super was tested with 35 construction workers across four commercial construction companies. The study found important improvements in workplace safety, health, well-being, supervision, team building, as well as decreases in pain in the wrists and forearms (Anger et al., 2018).

The Oregon Healthy Workforce Center partnered and received feedback from a local construction group to refresh the Be Super toolkits user guide. Be Super’s new and improved toolkit user guide is now available. This newly redesigned user guide can be downloaded at, a website where the Oregon Healthy Workforce Center houses resources for workplace safety, health and well-being, such as our Total Worker Health toolkits.  If you are an employee, safety/wellness practitioners or organizational leader with questions or need guidance to identify which resources fit your need, you can access our live-chat feature on the right-hand corner of the homepage or by emailing