News from our Circadian Lab

We love sharing news from our labs here at the Oregon Institute of Occupational Health Sciences! Thanks to the team from the Shea Circadian Lab for updating us on how they’ve been connecting with the public as they support their research.

“A few weeks ago, on June 1, we had the opportunity to table at the Heart Association’s Heart Walk as part of the OHSU tent. We were trying to find participants for Circadian Lab’s studies. The study we were actively trying to recruit for was “Sleep and Circadian Mechanisms Contributing to Disparity in Prevalence of Hypertension between Black and White Americans,” frequently referred to as D.I.P. in the lab. At the event we were able to share some information about our studies to the walk’s participants, and I was able to experience tabling. We also had the opportunity to talk to other people that work at OHSU and I was able to learn about the other groups that are present within the institution. It was a pleasure to work with Kathleen and to see people so eager to get heart healthy recipes as well as fresh groceries at the OHSU tent.”
Submitted by Carolina Pena-Navarro, Summer Research Intern, Shea Circadian lab.

On June 19th, I led an interactive dance exercise (see video below) as a part of an event called the Talk n’ Taste. This event was put on by the PreSERVE Coalition, a non-for profit organization that is focused on promoting healthy aging and memory in older Black Americans. Additionally, Katie Stubbers (another RA in the Shea Lab) helped table the event. She rounded up a great deal of interest in a number of our studies. It was uplifting to watch older Black Americans rejoice in each other’s company over healthy soul food based snacks, 70’s music, and some groovy grooving. I truly enjoy being a member with the PreSERVE Coalition as it provides me numerous opportunities to integrate and interact with Black community here in Portland by trying to reinforce healthy habits and establish a link of trust between OHSU (science in general) and Black Americans.
Submitted by Latroy Robinson, Research Assistant, Shea Circadian Lab.

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