2019 summer intern poster session

2019 Summer Intern Poster Session

For the last 12 weeks, our 2019 Summer Interns have been immersed in biomedical and occupational health research. Whether our interns have been out in the field collecting participant data or behind the microscope staining cross-sections of fruit fly brains, their work is a fascinating insight into the field of occupational health. Our multidisciplinary group of basic and applied scientists have mentored their interns through the research process and research activities. Their individual projects reflect the research directions of our Institute’s mission:

  • Total Worker Health
  • Exposure Consequences and Prevention
  • Strategies and Solutions for Vulnerable Workers
  • Sleep and Shift Work
  • Injury Treatment, Recovery and Prevention

At the end of program, the institute highlights the interns achievements by hosting a poster session. The poster session gives each intern the opportunity to share and present their research projects to their mentors, peers, friends and family. We appreciate all the hard work those involved have put in. Tune into our institute podcast later this Fall on a special podcast episode featuring a few of our 2019 Summer interns. They will talk about their research project, as well as give insight to future interns interested in learning more about the field of occupational health sciences.

Student presenting at Summer Intern Poster Session

Blog submitted by: Alisa Mukai and Helen Schuckers; Photos by Dan Austin