September 15-21 is National Farm Safety and Health Week 2019!

The Oregon Fatality Assessment and Control Evaluation Program (OR-FACE) is partnering with Orchard & Vineyard Supply (OVS) to promote Farm Safety and Health Week, and will host a table at their McMinnville, Oregon location. Together they will promote OR-FACE materials along with other agricultural safety and health resources, including: Identifying Hazards (English & Spanish), Investigation Reports, SAIF webinars and a Health & Safety Checklist. OR-FACE and OVS will also promote other resources and activities via social media during the week.

The National Education Center for Agricultural Safety’s theme for National Farm Safety and Health Week 2019 is “Shift Farm Safety into High Gear”, reminding us that it is everyone has a responsibility to prioritize safety on the farm and rural roadways of America. Each day during the week addresses a specific topic for employers to focus on with free webinars:

Monday September 16: Tractor Safety/Rural Roadway

Understanding the Tractor Factor (Noon CDT)

Ergonomic Safety for Farm Women (2:00 p.m. CDT)

Tuesday September 17: Farmer Health & Opioid/Suicide Prevention

A Research Update from the Agricultural Health Study: Recent Findings, Current Work, and Future Plans (Noon CDT)

Safety Sensitivity of Opioid Use in High Hazardous Industries (2:00 p.m. CDT)

Wednesday September 18: Safety & Health for Youth in Agriculture

Safeguarding Children and Youth who Live, Work and Play on Farms and Ranches (Noon CDT)

Exploring the Invest in Your Health Trainer Exchange (2:00 p.m. CDT)

Thursday September 19: Confined Spaces in Agriculture

Hazard Communications Standards (Noon CDT)

Friday September 20: Safety & Health for Women in Agriculture

Reducing the Risk of Adverse Pregnancy Outcomes for Female Ag Producers (Noon CDT)

OR-FACE has cataloged 84 deaths in the agriculture industry since 2003, with “contact with objects & equipment” and “transportation (mobile machinery)” as the two most common events contributing to industry fatalities. In 2016, 417 farmers and farm workers died from a work-related injury, resulting in a fatality rate of 21.4 deaths per 100,000 workers. Transportation incidents, which include tractor overturns were the leading cause of death for these farmers and farm workers.

Over the past few years OR-FACE has been studying where farm owners go for advice about safety practices on their farms. Specifically, OR-FACE researchers and collaborators, including Shannon Cruz,  Jim Dearing, and Ginger Hanson, conducted a social network analysis study of vineyard owners and managers in the Eola-Amity Hills American Viticulture Area (AVA). In that study many vineyard owners and managers identified Orchard & Vineyard Supply (OVS) as a highly trusted source of advice and information in the AVA area. Thank you to all the vineyard owners who participated in our social network analysis. We also thank OVS for partnering with OR-FACE to promote the National Farm Safety and Health Week in 2019!

Submitted by Melina Rodriguez, Research Assistant, Oregon Institute of Occupational Health Sciences

OR-FACE Staff in the field.