Conference season is here

Occupational safety and health conference season is here. Our outreach team will be exhibiting at various local and regional conferences this Fall and Winter. These conferences provide opportunities for us to connect with our stakeholders, tell our community what’s new at OccHealthSci and the Oregon Healthy Workforce Center, as well as to learn and share best practices in occupational safety and health. Our faculty and staff will be giving presentations at some of these conferences. In case you missed it, our Fall Symposium registration is now open. The links below provide information about each event.

9/24Washington Governor’s Industrial Safety and Health Conference (GISH)

10/14 – Oregon Public Health Association Annual Conference (OPHA)

10/15 – 2019 Southern Oregon Occupational Safety & Health Conference

10/17 – Oregon Workers’ Compensation Educational Conference

10/23 – 2019 Northwest Occupational Health Conference (NOHC)

11/15 – 2019 Fall Symposium: Substance use and the workplace

12/03 – 2019 Western Pulp, Paper, and Forest Products Safety & Health Conference

Outreach Director, Dede Montgomery tabling at the 2019 Governor’s Industrial Safety and Health Conference (GISH) posing for a photo with CHIP from American Society of Safety Professionals