Team for Inclusion, Diversity and Equity

This Summer, our institute created a Team for Inclusion, Diversity and Equity (TIDE). TIDE is a voluntary and active community that provides input and resources for the institute on hiring, retaining and providing an inclusive, diverse and equitable healthy work environment for all. There are currently over a dozen active members in the institute’s TIDE group. The TIDE efforts are led by Jen Prissel, the Associate Director of Administration for the institute.

Since the creation of the team, TIDE has held bi-weekly meetings, created a library of books for institute members to read on various inclusion, diversity and equity topics, as well as hosted three events. These events included a financial wellness class, a strategies for tough situations workshop led by OHSU’s Career and Workplace Enhancement Center and a informational session to learn more about OHSU’s Center for Diversity and Inclusion. Plans for the future include creating a “TIDE-Y Corner”, a community board within the institute that will share events, news, resources from around OHSU and the community, as well as a section to feature a TIDE team member of the quarter.

Our institute created this group to foster a dynamic and supportive work environment for our employees, where they can come together to share resources, open up the conversation, but most importantly to encourage one another to have respect for all. If you have questions on our TIDE team, please contact Jen Prissel at

TIDE Library, a library of books on inclusion and diversity topics available to institute members to check-out and read at home
Jenny Lee Berry speaking with TIDE members about OHSU’s Center for Diversity and Inclusion (CDI)
An activity during the “5 Strategies for Tough Situations” workshop with OHSU’s Career and Workplace Enhancement Center (CWE) taught by Mary Lind
Jessica Porter from BPG Wealth Management giving a financial wellness talk