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Have you ever noticed that your mood and stress levels are affected by the words or conversations you have during meetings, with co-workers or your boss at work? How does it affect your work day and productivity? Do you think about those conversations on your commute home or have trouble falling asleep at night? What’s work got to do with positive workplace culture and its impact on safety, health and well-being?

To dive deeper into this subject, we’ll be speaking with Dr. Alisha Moreland-Capuia on the power of words and narrative and how they shape our perception and our underlying assumptions. She discusses how workplace narrative can influence culture and frame policies, procedures and practices. You will learn strategies to improve the narrative in the workplace that can help create efficient, sustainable and healthy systems.

Dr. Moreland-Capuia is physician, thought leader, educator, and the first African-American native Oregonian to become a licensed and board-certified psychiatrist. She brings her path-breaking approach to solving deep, systemically rooted community issues such as addiction, violence, and healthcare. She is the author of “Training for Change: Transforming Systems to be Trauma-Informed, Culturally Responsive, and Neuroscientifically Focused.” Dr. Moreland-Capuia was a guest speaker during our Fall 2017 Symposia on “Navigating Mental Health in the Workplace.” Full podcast transcript is available on our podcast page.

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Guest, Dr. Moreland-Capuia, M.D. and Host, Dr. Anjali Rameshbabu Ph.D on What’s Work Got to Do With It? Podcast