Participate in an OccHealthSci study

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The mission of the institute is to improve the lives of workers through biomedical and occupational research. OccHealthSci stands at the intersection of the workplace and well-being; with more than 75 scientists and research staff exploring a range of questions relating to the prevention of injury and disease and the promotion of health in the workforce of Oregon and beyond.

Research studies do not exist in isolation. At OccHealthSci, we work collaboratively across different research disciplines to prevent illness and injury in the workplace, as well as alongside partners in labor, industry, government and the community. In addition to providing occupational health sciences education and outreach in the community, we engage the community to take part in the advancement of science and discoveries.

Our institute is currently recruiting individuals for various sleep studies. Compensation will be provided for enrolled participants. If you are interested, the next steps is to fill out a pre-screening survey. Visit the Participate in a Study page or learn more about our research. Please contact us if you have any questions.

OccHealthSci Sleep research team conducting research study