Online research opportunity brings community together

During the past few months, many throughout the world are navigating uncharted territory in order to reduce the spread of COVID-19. Research is no exception in this recent push to reevaluate in-person contact, as well as data collection. Many studies have been temporarily suspended, while others have required researchers to find alternative solutions to in-person data collection, such as shifting to online formats. This has allowed for the elimination of the participant travel barrier that many human-subject research studies face. With this shift to online data collection, the Clinical Physiology and Chronobiology Program at OHSU continues its search for research volunteers. Even during these difficult times, we are maintaining and continuing our institution’s priority of community involvement in research, recognizing that by working together, even if physically distant, we can be united in a common cause of improving health for many.

We are looking for people aged 30-60 for remote focus groups that aim to investigate community perspectives on healthcare. Eligible participants will self-identify as Black and have a history of seeing a primary care provider. This study involves a remote (audio or video call) ~60-minute focus group with ~5 other volunteers and 1-2 facilitators. Compensation of $25 will be provided in the form of an Amazon gift card. These focus groups provide a great outlet for community members to share resources and experiences with other Black Americans, as well as provides an opportunity to socialize. Most importantly, this is an opportunity to contribute to impactful health research that has the potential to provide better health outcomes for many! With us currently living during a time of uncertainty regarding global health, this provides community members an opportunity to voice their experiences so that we all can contribute to this great cause of improving long-term health and wellness.

Submitted by: Omar Johnson Ordaz, Shelby Watkins, and Dr. Nicole Bowles.
Team members pictured above include: Noal Clemons, Saurabh Thosar, Daniel Chess, Shelby Watkins, Omar Ordaz, Andrew McHill, Latroy Robinson, Matthew Butler, Meera Bhide, Nicole Bowles, Jonathan Emens, and Steven Shea.