New webpage for Oregon COVID-19 Construction Task Force

The Oregon Institute of Occupational Health Sciences is honored to be part of the Oregon COVID-19 Construction Task Force. Dede Montgomery, MS, CIH, and a member of the Institute and Oregon Healthy Workforce Center outreach and education team, has participated in task force meetings and leads the Institute effort. The Institute’s key support to this task force is to make the resources developed by the task force readily visible and accessible to those seeking construction best practices in the time of COVID-19. Visit the newly created Oregon COVID-19 Construction Task Force Resources Website. Although the task force’s focus is operations within Oregon, the resources and materials that have been developed will be useful to others outside of Oregon who are working to reduce exposure hazards and prevent infection within construction operations.

The task force is a partnership of union and non-union industry professionals, with support from Oregon OSHA. The group meets twice a week to monitor health information and government guidelines, and to collect data and information. It will continue to coordinate job site visits as long as Oregon Gov. Kate Brown’s “Stay Home, Save Lives” executive order is in place. Members include: