Three decades at the institute podcast episode

The mission of the Oregon Institute of Occupational Health Sciences is to improve the lives of workers through biomedical and occupational research. We work to prevent illness and injury in partnership with labor, industry, government and the community. The institute has more than 70 scientists and research staff exploring a range of questions relating to the prevention of injury and disease, and health promotion — among workforces in Oregon and beyond.

We want to celebrate with our listeners three decades of research in occupational health and safety advancements here at the Oregon Institute of Occupational Health Sciences. Our newest podcast episode is a part of a three episode series. In our Part 1: Three Decades at the Institute, we dig into our history, how the institute got started and how it has evolved. Our guests include Drs. Peter Spencer, Ph.D, FANA, FRCPath, Steve Shea, Ph.D. and Kent Anger, Ph.D. You may even get some insight about the history of the half head statue outside of the Richard Jones Hall building at OHSU.

Following part 1, we will release two additional episodes in the coming months featuring our scientists and their research, as well as hearing from our community partners at SAIF, Oregon OSHA, and the State of Oregon’s Management-Labor Advisory Committee (MLAC).

Where can I listen to “Part 1: Three Decades at the institute” podcast episode? 

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