Part 2: Three decades at the Institute podcast episode

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We are celebrating over three decades of research in occupational health and safety advancements here at the institute. Our latest podcast episode is a part of a three episode series.

In Part 2 of our Three Decades at the Institute series, we highlight organizations in our community that have been critical and important in the development of the Oregon Institute of Occupational Health Sciences and Oregon Healthy Workforce Center’s (OHWC) research directions, as well as our outreach and education programs through the years. These organizations include the State of Oregon’s Management-Labor Advisory Committee (MLAC), Oregon Occupational Safety and Health Administration (Oregon OSHA) and SAIF, Oregon’s largest provider of workers’ compensation insurance.

Our guests include: Kathy Nishimoto from MLAC, Michael Wood, the Administrator of Oregon OSHA and Chuck Easterly who previously served as the Director for SAIF’s Safety and Healthy Workplace Center.

Tune in for our last episode of the three decade series that will feature institute scientists and their research.

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