OHWC’s new Medium page

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The Oregon Healthy Workforce Center (OHWC) is now on Medium.com. Medium is an online publishing platform featuring a variety of trending topics and news in the media and more. OHWC’s first article on Medium, 10 Things to Know About Total Worker Health®, provides an overview of the Total Worker Health approach and addresses how work can spill over into our personal lives, as well how our personal lives can spill over into our work lives, which in turn can impact our safety, health and well-being.

Oregon Healthy Workforce Center Medium.com 10 Things to Know about Total Worker Health

Follow or bookmark OHWC’s new Medium.com page to read articles covering evidence-based research, resources and strategies related to Total Worker Health, as well as featured articles from our researchers: “4 key strategies to support employee well-being during COVID-19” and “Breaking the silo: Modern research on employee well-being.”

Medium.com 10 Things to know about Total Worker Health

Our institute is always looking for new ways to reach the community and provide the latest research on topics related to workplace safety, health and well-being and improving the lives of workers. Throughout the years, our outreach team has expanded the dissemination of our research, resources, information and events through different mediums: