New podcast episode: Changing a toxic workplace culture

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In our next podcast episode, we highlight Gian Lozano’s talk from our 2020 Spring Symposium. Gian Lozano is the High Reliability Administrative Director at Veterans Affair (VA) Portland. He has had a passion for developing behavioral solutions for organizations spanning over twenty years. His talk on “Changing a Toxic Workplace Culture” was originally given at our May 2020 Spring Symposium, where speakers picked up where the Spring 2019 Symposium left off and continued with a deeper dive into specific lessons and tips for effectively addressing and preventing workplace aggression. Tips were shared on different practices and strategies to reduce violence in the workplace. The goal of the event was to discuss job and industry risk factors of workplace aggression and to provide guidance for workplaces. To view Gian Lozano’s talk with presentation slides from the 2020 Spring Symposium, visit:

Our registration for our 2020 Fall Symposium on “Worker Health: Work as a Social Determinant of Health” is now open. Our virtual 2020 Fall Symposium will take place on Friday, November 13, 2020 and the registration is $20 for the all day virtual event.

Where can I listen to the “Changing a toxic workplace culture” podcast episode? 

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Additional resources:

For additional resources and information related to workplace aggression, visit the U.S. Department of Labor’s Occupational Safety and Health’s Administration Workplace Violence page at:

Health Impacts Safety toolbox and safety meeting guides have been developed to support organizations integrating workplace safety, health, wellness and well-being. Each Total Worker Health® guide can be downloaded and printed freely.

De-Escalation, Escape and Defense Techniques Online Training for Home Care Workers. Healthcare and social services occupations are among those at highest risk of workplace violence. In a home care worker study, we found that computer-based training (CBT) alone or with trained peer facilitation with home care workers can increase confidence and reduce incidents of workplace violence and harassment in a consumer-driven model of care.

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