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Safety climate is a snapshot of an organization’s perceived “state of safety,” at a point in time. Across many industries, a positive safety climate is associated with fewer accidents, higher job satisfaction, less turnover and greater worker well-being. By measuring safety climate, organizations can identify behaviors, beliefs and values of workers and consider how the workplace can support positive safety and health decisions while managing productivity demands.

In this new podcast episode, we will hear from the Institute’s Safety Climate lab led by Dr. Emily (Yueng Hsiang) Huang, Ph.D. and learn about safety climate, the difference between safety climate and culture, as well as safety climate research and consulting opportunities to help assess and improve workplace safety in your workforce.

The second half of the episode is a round table discussion with two of the Safety Climate Lab’s research partners, Dale Lindstrom from DeWitt Construction Demetra Star from Fortis Construction. Dale and Demetra share how each of their organizations are addressing safety climate in their workforce and their experience working with the safety climate team.

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Virtual podcast recording session with the Safety Climate team, OccHealthSci podcast team and safety climate partners, Demetra Star (Fortis Construction) and Dale Lindstrom (DeWitt Construction)

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