2020 Fall Symposium recordings now available

2020 Fall Symposium: Worker Health: Work as a Social Determinant of Health

Thank you for attending our Fall 2020 Symposium on the topic, “Worker Health: Work as a Social Determinant of Health”. The symposium recordings are now available on OccHealthSci’s Symposia page.

The event was sponsored by the InstituteOregon Healthy Workforce Center, OHSU-PSU School of Public Health and PSU Occupational Health Psychology Program. The 2020 Fall Symposium aimed to understand root causes of social determinants of health through the lens and conditions of work that shape our everyday lives.

Our speakers touched on:

  • The social determinant of health and the challenges and opportunities
  • Leadership and mental health in the time of COVID and lessons learned
  • Trust in the work environment and cardiovascular disease risk
  • Trends in working conditions, health, and socioeconomic health inequalities and interventions to reduce socioeconomic health inequities
  • How different aspects of work can impact your health
  • The effects of COVID-19 on essential workers, such as agricultural workers and immigrant communities
  • Work as a social determinant of maternal and child health

We appreciate the time our speakers and participants took out of their days to join us for a full day packed with relevant and important conversations to be had in the changing landscapes of work and the current challenges and opportunities to enhance the safety, health and well-being within the workforce. Our resources are available 24/7 online. Listen and share our 2020 Fall Symposium recordings and explore our Total Worker Health tools and toolkits at YourWorkpath.com.

View the slideshow below highlighting speakers from the 2020 Fall Symposium

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