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What's Work Got To Do With It? Podcast Meet the Scientist in safety, health and well-being at work

In the final part of our Three Decades at the Institute Series, we have released two new podcast episodes where we feature our scientists:

Part 3.1 Meet the Scientist: In this episode, we learn about how four Institute scientists are improving workplace safety, health and well-being. Our guests include Drs. Leslie Hammer, Ph.D., David Hurtado, Sc.D., Emily Huang, Ph.D. and Kent Anger Ph.D. Their areas of research range from studying leadership and management supportive supervisor behaviors, peer support and injury prevention for nurses in rural hospitals around Oregon, safety climate and culture in all types of industries, as well as the study and development of Total Worker Health® workplace interventions.

Listen to “Part 3.1 Meet the Scientist” featuring Drs. Hammer, Hurtado, Huang and Anger.

Part 3.2 Meet the Scientist: In this episode, we dive into the research of five basic scientists within our institute that conduct studies in areas related to sleep and shift work and its’ impact on safety and health, as well as their research looking at the adverse effects of occupational exposure. Our guests include Drs. Steven Shea, Ph.D., Caren Weinhouse, Ph.D., Andrew McHill, Ph.D., Charles Allen, Ph.D. and Suzanne Mitchell, Ph.D. Learn about sleep, circadian rhythms and cardiovascular risk, the synchronicity of circadian rhythms impact on overall health and understanding why insufficient sleep and being awake during the night leads to poorer health and impaired cognitive function. Also, we explore the factors that influence decision making that may impact our health and safety and the epigenetic responses to environmental cues or stressors.

Listen to “Part 3.2 Meet the Scientist” featuring Drs. Shea, Weinhouse, McHill, Allen and Mitchell.

What's Work Got To Do With It? Podcast Meet the Scientist in safety, health and well-being at work

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