COVID Convo: Bringing it all together

Hello Oregon! From a pandemic, to wildland fires and smoke, to ice and power outages: it has been a tough twelve months. We hope this weekend brings power to those still adversely affected by outages. We appreciate the support running rampant throughout our communities to help others by sharing food, heat, warm clothing and tree removal. Above all else we appreciate our utility workers, including Portland General Electric, as they work long, dangerous and difficult hours to restore power.

Even with all the chaos around us, we plan to host our second COVID Convo this upcoming Tues., February 23 at 9:00 AM PST. As before, the informal virtual discussion will take place for twenty minutes, allowing the final ten minutes to address questions shared in the chat. Did you miss our last one? Learn more or watch it here.

Here’s what’s up for Tues., February 23.

COVID Convo: Bringing it all together

Join host Dede Montgomery of OccHealthSci and the Oregon Healthy Workforce Center in a discussion with Kim Henry, Industrial Hygienist with SAIF. Kim is part of a COVID-19 Task Force established by the American Conference of Governmental Industrial Hygienists (ACGIH) that is actively reviewing, comparing and contrasting the current COVID-19 state OSHA regulations, including Oregon OSHA’s. Join us for a discussion about some of the team’s early takeaways and what we might expect and look forward to in the future. Dede also holds an IPA with NIOSH for a small percentage of time to support states and regions in safely returning workers during the pandemic, and may share a bit of an update about joint NIOSH priorities for the IPA program.

How to join? If you registered for the previous COVID-19 Conversation you will receive an email invite. If not, you can directly register here. Looking forward to learning from each other as we work to keep all workers safe and healthy.