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We thank Kim Henry of SAIF and our stakeholders and partners who tuned in this week for our second COVID Conversation. Based on the comments we have received so far, we plan to continue this series as originally proposed: each month on the second and fourth Tuesday mornings. We will continue the series as long as we find important issues and ideas to discuss. Our targeted audience includes occupational health nurses, industrial hygienists and safety professionals based in Oregon and Washington, although others are welcome to attend. We plan to rotate occupational health (nursing/physician) speakers with those who are safety and health managers and leaders, and actively seek recommendations for both hosts and speakers.

In this week’s COVID Conversation, host Dede Montgomery of OccHealthSci and the Oregon Healthy Workforce Center chats with Kim Henry about her COVID-19 work, including being a member of the  American Conference of Governmental Industrial Hygienists’ (ACGIH) COVID-19 Task Force. This task force is actively reviewing, comparing and contrasting the current COVID-19 state OSHA regulations, including Oregon OSHA’s. Dede also provides a short update about NIOSH support of safe work during the pandemic including the work of its team of university subject matter experts who are providing support through interagency personnel agreements. Watch the discussion embedded below or on YouTube. If you did attend, or after watching the recording embedded below, please do share your feedback.

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LWSC Limited Literacy Training for COVID-19The Latino Worker Safety Center has created COVID-19 cartoon-based PPT presentations in five languages. These were created to accommodate changing information, address adult learning, encourage student participation, address limited literacy proficiency, and to be thoughtful and entertaining. (This was shared through the NIOSH/CPRWR and IPA network).