SERVe intervention featured in Military Reach

SERVe intervention featured in Military Reach

Dr. Jacqueline Brady’s work on the Study for Employment Retention of Veterans (SERVe) project (Principal Investigator: Leslie Hammer, PhD) was highlighted in Auburn University’s March 2021 edition of the Military Reach Review.

This issue focused specifically on research and resources promoting military family readiness. The SERVe findings reported in Dr. Brady’s manuscript showed that supervisors’ participation in Veteran Supportive Supervisor Training produced positive outcomes related to employees’ family functioning, based on data collected from employees and their spouses.

The Veteran Supportive Supervisor Training program is now freely-available and suited to support supervisors and Veterans in the workforce across industries of any size.

Military Work Life BalanceThe SERVe Project

SERVe was funded by the Department of Defense. The purpose of the project was to develop and evaluate the effects of Veteran Supportive Supervisor Training on supervisor and employee well-being, and family and workplace functioning. SERVe was designed for organizations who employ military Veterans to support Veteran reintegration into the civilian workforce, with a broader goal to make a positive difference in the lives of Veterans and service members. SERVe was a joint effort of researchers from OHSU, Portland State University and the Portland VA Medical Center.

The SERVe training program is the first scientifically evaluated training designed to increase support and retention of Veteran employees in the civilian workplace, by training supervisors to:

  • Better understand the strengths that employees with military experience possess.
  • Recognize the unique challenges that Veterans and service members face when transitioning to the civilian sector.
  • Adopt practices that support Veterans’ and service members’ family lives and performance at work, employment retention, health, and well-being.

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he Veteran-Supportive Supervisor Training (VSST) is the first scientifically evaluated training to improve Veteran experiences in the workplace by training supervisors