Who are we missing?

The pandemic has highlighted stark differences in workplace protections and benefits afforded some workers who fall into the more recently defined category of “essential” workers. Here at the Institute and Oregon Healthy Workforce Center, we welcome partners and projects to work collaboratively to address risks and needs faced by all workers, including those who may not be employed in what feels to be a supportive work environment, or a traditionally benefited work environment.

Yesterday’s COVID Conversation, aptly titled “Always an Afterthought,” provides both background and discussion on what protections are lacking for some of our workforce, with ideas about moving ahead in the the future. We thank Nargess Shadbeh, Oregon Law Center, and Steven Hecker, safety and health educator and researcher, for providing this rich and important discussion.

Here are additional resources referred to during the discussion.

Join us for our final COVID Conversation:

Tues., June 22, 2021: COVID Convo #10: What about High Tech?
Georgia Latham, MS, RN, CCM, LNC, COHN-s, Occupational Health Resources Manager, North America, ON Semiconductor (register now)