COVID Conversations: What have we learned?

Last month we completed our tenth episode of our COVID Conversations, an informal virtual discussion series with safety and health professionals and occupational health nurses about strategies in the workplace during the pandemic. While many of you may have attended COVID Convo #10 with Georgia Latham regarding high tech work, we did re-record it because of the technical difficulties we experienced as originally recorded on June 28.

During July we will be working to extract some of the key takeaways, common themes and observations that were shared by our colleagues during the conversations, especially focusing on strategies and tips that may be helpful in the future. Stay tuned for a final blog and possibly a video addressing this. We thank all of our partners and collaborators who volunteered to share their knowledge and experience for this educational series, and to all of you who joined us! Complete our survey, if you haven’t already.

In the meantime, if you missed this final episode, or if you want to listen to the full content as shared in the re-recording, watch the video below.

Did you miss some of the others? Catch up on the Oregon Healthy Workforce Center’s YouTube channel, or directly below:

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