Actionable HR strategies abound at PHRMA Strategic Management Conference

The Portland Human Resources Management Association (PHRMA) 2021 Strategic Management Conferencelast week brought together perspectives from around the country to share innovations and strategies for HR professionals to lead their organizations in to the future of work.

As one of the largest chapters of the Society for Human Resources Management (SHRM), PHRMA provides a space for professional learning and growth in the ever-changing world of work. This year’s event theme, “Re-emerge, Re-connect, Re-imagine” focused on actionable business strategies for structuring and evaluating equitable policies and practices that drive an organizational culture of belonging – a central feature of Total Worker Health®.

Centering diversity, equity, and inclusion in your organization’s recruitment and retention strategies will result in a wider talent pool within your walls. Generally the keepers of workforce data, HR professionals recognize the importance of data quality and monitoring in evaluating organizational DEI trends to improve productivity, morale, and turnover.

PHRMA’s Strategic Management Conference provided an interactive platform to share leadership strategies that support an organizational culture of social responsibility and well-being. Baking these values into the spectrum of HR processes from recruitment to retirement can help scale workforce support throughout the organization so that they become part of the culture at every level.