Firefighter shift schedules podcast episode

In our latest podcast episode, we learn about the impacts of shift schedules on firefighter safety, health and well-being.

Cameron Homan is a Portland Firefighter and District Representative for Portland Fire Fighter Association Local 43. Cameron is a 3rd generation public safety worker, has been a firefighter for 10 years, with 5 of those years serving the Portland public and 4 years serving as a district representative for the Portland Firefighters Union. He is currently working in the Hollywood District at Station 28 and hails from Tacoma, Washington. Cameron shares with us what life is like working as a firefighter, as well as his experience collaborating with our Institute on a research study looking at shift schedules for firefighters.

Shelby Watkins, MPH is a Research Associate in Dr. Nicole Bowles Lab. Shelby helped coordinate a study with Portland Firefighters’ Association, IAFF Local 43. She joins us on the round table discussion today with Cameron to discuss the research collaboration that looked at sleep and shift schedules within Portland firefighters.

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Podcast interview session: Helen Schuckers, Cameron Homan, Shelby Watkins and Anjali Rameshbabu