The future of work and the role of well-being

The Oregon Healthy Workforce Center (OHWC) has published a new Medium article, The Future of Work: The Role of Well-being. Medium is an open platform publishing a variety of trending topics and news in the media, research and more.

OHWC’s latest article addresses the future of work research and the importance of well-being related to both occupational safety and health research and practice. Among this discussion within the occupational health and safety world, a stream of discussions has focused on work as a social determinant of health. We have seen a call-to-action focusing on areas of mental health and addressing burnout as workers navigate the blurred lines between work and home lives. It has been reported that nearly half of workers said mental health issues have impacted them since the start of the pandemic.

In addressing the future of work, focusing on the gaps of well-being research is critical to help managers support their employees, workplaces improve workplace culture, in addition, to engage and retain our workforce. Read our latest Medium article here.

OHWC’s article’s on Medium include:

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