Inclusion and worker well-being in the trades podcast episode

In our latest podcast episode, we invite guest speakers Kelly Kupcak, Oregon Tradeswomen and Larry Williams, Oregon Bureau of Labor and Industries (BOLI) to discuss inclusion and worker well-being in the trades.

Kelly Kupcak grew up in Cleveland, Ohio, where early on she realized the critical importance of speaking out against injustice and wrote her first letter to the editor of the local newspaper in the third grade. After raising her sons as a single mom, working as a union heavy equipment operator and working as an advocate for women for almost two decades, she relocated to the Pacific Northwest to serve as Oregon Tradeswomen’s Executive Director. Kelly is honored to be a part of the work and mission of Oregon Tradeswomen which helps women move into dynamic careers in the skilled trades so they can take care of themselves and their families.

We also invite one of Oregon Tradeswomen’s partners and supporters, Larry S. Williams. Larry received a Bachelor’s in Peace Studies and a Master’s in Sociology from the University of Missouri – Columbia. He has worked at the BOLI for over 25 years. Larry manages the Highway Construction Workforce Development Program which is sponsored by the Oregon Department of Transportation and managed by BOLI. This program has funded the Green Dot Bystander Intervention to a construction environment, to build capacity at Oregon Tradeswomen to deliver the Rise Up! curriculum and for a current project at the Institute to develop a Respectful Workplace Climate Scale.

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