New Workplace Mental Health Resources from American Psychological Association

Our colleagues at the American Psychological Association (APA) represent the largest scientific and professional organization of psychologists in the United States, with a variety of focus areas, including workplace mental health. As a result, APA is offering some of the strongest, science-backed workplace mental health content to support the well-being of individuals and organizations. OccHealthSci faculty member, Leslie Hammer PhD, provides leadership and contributes her expertise to the body of knowledge and resources advancing workforce mental health.

The last couple of years of pandemic response have brought increased awareness to the urgency of mental health support within workplaces across the country. APA has launched new content as part of a public education effort for May Mental Health Awareness Month. APA CEO Dr. Arthur Evans along with the CEOs of APHA, ICAM, NLC and YMCA of the USA are calling for an increased commitment by American business and nonprofit leaders to transform the nation’s workplace culture by prioritizing employee mental health.

Be sure to bookmark the following quick links to the resources on how to use psychological science to take employee well-being to a new level.  These resources provide a variety of discussion points and information to support your workforce initiatives. You’ll find a wealth of  knowledge and practical tips that are great for sharing with organizational leaders, employees and their family members to protect and promote psychological safety and health in the changing world of work.

Your organization can demonstrate the commitment to taking some of the actions APA recommends and to communicate to APA what they are doing.  There is a blue “Show Your Commitment” button at the bottom of this page where organizations can complete a form to share their commitment and what they are doing as leaders on this issue. Be sure to share your success stories with us, too, so we can celebrate each step toward a safe and healthy workplace for all.