Safety Conference: Seguridad, salud, y sus derechos en el trabajo

Oregonians and those who live near our borders are fortunate to have access to many high quality conferences providing a plethora of technical sessions addressing occupational health and safety. Here at OccHealthSci and the Oregon Healthy Workforce Center, we are committed to supporting our partners at Oregon OSHA at these educational opportunities, whether by exhibiting, sponsoring or sharing our knowledge.

We are pleased to share news about Oregon OSHA’s Spanish-language conference addressing workers and their needs. This conference, like the others, relies on many organizational and technical partners to be successful. This event, like its pre-pandemic predecessor, will be held at the Oregon State Fairgrounds in Salem all day on November 8, 2022. All sessions will be presented in Spanish. Presenters include workplace health and safety professionals, medical providers, and other
experts. This free conference
includes lunch and exhibits.

Although the full list of sessions isn’t yet available, here’s some of what attendees can expect to learn.

  • Asserting your right to a safe workplace
  • Protecting your health at work and at home
  • Identifying and addressing common workplace hazards
  • Safety and health in:
    Food processing
  • Role of the supervisor in workplace safety
  • Protecting yourself from wage theft
  • Whistle Blower Protection Program

The time is right to share information about this important event to those you know who will benefit.

Download the flyer in Spanish and English.

OccHealthSci Assistant Professor David Hurtado attends the first Spanish-language conference in November 2019.