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Director Dr. Steve Shea looking at Zoe Sanderson, Lewis and Clark College – McHill Lab Poster during Poster Session. Poster is white and bright green and they are facing the poster reading.

In our latest podcast episode, we interview our 2022 Summer Interns. Each summer, undergraduate interns work with faculty mentors in basic and applied research over a three-month paid summer internship. OccHealthSci’s internship program begins in June and concludes in mid-to-late August with interns presenting their work at a poster session. The Summer Intern Program is directed by Dr. Saurabh Thosar and coordinated by Alisa Mukai. Also, sending a shout-out to Dan Austin for supporting our interns through poster session trainings and helping out with tech throughout their internship.

OccHealthSci’s Undergraduate Summer Internship Program is designed to introduce undergraduate students to biomedical and occupational health research. We spoke to 4 of our 2022 Summer Interns as they share their experience working alongside institute researchers and how this experience will inform their future careers in research, clinical health and public health.

Our podcast guests today include:

  • Ayeisha Haswarey, Portland Community College (Bowles Lab) – The impact of two shift schedule types on post-shift blood pressure in firefighters.
  • Breanna Repp, Oregon State University (Butler Lab) – Determining the receptor in the suprachiasmatic nucleus (SCN) androgens use to regulate circadian rhythms.
  • Zoe Sanderson, Lewis and Clark College (McHill Lab) – The influence of inconsistent sleep schedules on cognitive performance in night nurses.
  • Judith Solomon, Portland State University (Shea Lab) – Analyzed the impact of daytime versus nocturnal sleep on K-complex density.
Summer Intern receiving certificates at poster session
Photo of 2022 interns receiving certificates after our in-person poster session

Where can I listen to the latest “What’s Work Got To Do With It?” podcast episode

Visit OccHealthSci’s Undergraduate Summer Internship page for more additional. Applications open each year in December for the following Summer.

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