Celebrating 4 years of the OccHealthSci podcast!

We are excited to celebrate another milestone here at the Institute. “What’s Work Got To Do With It?” is celebrating its’ 4th anniversary with 31 podcast episodes. We appreciate the support from our listeners over these past few years. We have reached listeners in over 50 countries and are close to over 10,000 listens.

This small effort started with a team of three people that were interested in making science accessible and spreading the importance of improving workplace safety, health and well-being through a new medium. The podcast team includes Anjali Rameshbabu (co-producer, host and writer), Sam Greenspan (editor and music producer) and myself, Helen Schuckers (co-producer, host and editor). Though this process has not always been easy, it has been a rewarding and a fun learning experience at a research institute. Our team has learned to produce an in-house podcast, which includes developing a production workflow, sourcing recording equipment, figuring out how to record remotely during the pandemic, learning the entire editing process and how to publish our episodes through different online platforms.

We hope you have enjoyed listening through the years. We round out 2022 with three more podcast episodes. Thank you again for listening!

Photo of three people in in a room recording a podcasta

Our podcast interviews scientists, community stakeholders and organizations; we dig into some of the science behind the biological impacts of our environment and explore how conditions like work hours, occupational stress and workplace safety impact our health and well-being.

Our podcast goals:

  • Inform the community on how work can affect safety, health and well-being
  • Discuss the public health significance of occupational health
  • Make science accessible for all through sharing of basic and applied science

Check out our recent podcast episodes:

Where can I listen to the podcast?

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