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In our latest podcast episode, we highlight a 2022 Spring Symposium talk by keynote speaker, Dr. Berrin Erdogan on topic, “The Great Resignation: Challenges, opportunities and implications for employees and organizations.”

Dr. Berrin Erdogan is a Professor of Management at Portland State University’s School of Business. Her research focuses on the employer-employee relationship as it relates to employee well-being, effectiveness, engagement and retention in the workplace. She conducted studies and partnered with organizations in industries including food services, education, technology, public sector, retail, hospitality, insurance and banking. She is a fellow of the Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology (SIOP) and the Association for Psychological Sciences (APS).Headshot of Dr. Berrin Erdogan

The Covid-19 pandemic and the following Great Resignation upended organizations everywhere. In this talk, Dr. Erdogan discusses factors leading employees to leave their jobs in large numbers, the resulting pressures and major challenges facing organizations and employees left behind and the opportunities arising from this experience to reshape the future of work. She shares her latest research and strategies on how organizations can support and retain their workforce.

To learn more about Dr. Erdogan’s research, visit her Portland State University faculty webpage.

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