Welcoming Shaun McGillis to the Outreach Team

close up photo of Shaun McGillis

Blog author, Erin Flynn, Director of Outreach

We are delighted to welcome Shaun McGillis to the Oregon Institute of Occupational Health Sciences Outreach Team.  He serves at the Senior Communications Specialist and will focus his work on research translation and dissemination. Shaun is the ideal individual to move the Institute’s science communication efforts forward with his more than a decade of experience working in higher education communicating about research across the disciplines, using multiple mediums . Before joining the Institute, Shaun was the Communications and Programming Manager for the research office at Portland State University where he produced research content covering the University’s seven colleges and schools. Additionally, Shaun has experience developing and facilitating science communications workshops for faculty and graduate students.

Outside of work, Shaun enjoys composing music with a range of electronic instruments, guitars, and found sounds, reading and writing poetry, cooking, and spending time with family and dogs. When not working on a fretboard or keys, you can find Shaun at the bouldering gym working to solve climbing puzzles.  

 Please join us in welcoming Shaun to the Institute!