NIOSH launches Impact Wellbeing campaign for health worker mental health

Today, NIOSH launched Impact WellbeingTM, a national campaign to address the mental health crisis within the healthcare industry. Health workers are increasingly reporting workplace harassment, burnout, and poor mental health. A concerted effort led by NIOSH, with input from Total Worker Health Centers and advocates in the industry, Impact WellbeingTM aims to “provide employers of health workers with resources to modify working conditions and improve worker mental health, thereby supporting the nation’s health system” (CDC’s Vital Signs blog, see below).

CDC published a precursor to the campaign, Vital Signs: Health Worker–Perceived Working Conditions and Symptoms of Poor Mental Health, which traces healthcare workers’ experiences from 2018 to 2022. The report points to compelling findings – nearly half of health workers (46%) surveyed indicated feeling burned out in 2022, an increase of 32% from 2018. More than twice the number of workers since 2018 reported harassment at work in 2022, and similarly 44% of healthcare workers intended looking for a new job in 2022, compared to 33% in 2018. As the report also points out, positive workplace practices and supportive supervision are critical in mitigating the impacts of stress for workers.

Impact WellbeingTM aims to help employers understand the drivers of burnout and improve the mental health of healthcare workers. In particular, the campaign offers “customizable and evidence-informed solutions to our nation’s hospital leaders, no matter where they are in their work towards improving professional wellbeing” (NIOSH).

Learn about Impact WellbeingTM:

Access resources pertinent to the campaign:

  1. Spread the word: Find out how the campaign came to be developed, read up on its goals and target audiences, and share it forward.
  2. Get started: Learn how to implement efforts in your organization at Impact Wellbeing: Prioritizing Professional Wellbeing in Your Hospital
  3. View a recording of the launch: Watch for a recording of webinar, Overcoming Burnout and Building a Health System Where Workers Thrive, held on October 31.
  4. Access and share these campaign resources, as appropriate for your organization:
  5. OHWC’s Co-Director, Dr. Leslie Hammer, has been a long-standing developer of evidence-based supportive leadership trainings. Visit and the newest training for Workplace Mental Health Support:

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