New deadline: Specimen-acquisition opportunity with Kaiser NW Biobank

Interested in collecting samples from one of the largest local health systems? This is an opportunity to collaborate with the NW  Biobank at Kaiser Permanente to enhance your research.

The Kaiser Permanente Center for Health Research (KPCHR), in collaboration with OCTRI, is offering another opportunity for OHSU investigators to guide a specimen-collection effort. The NW Biobank at Kaiser Permanente is currently collaborating with OHSU investigators  to collect cases in these research areas:  prostate cancer, lung cancer, depression, risk biomarkers of antithrombosis and hypertension drugs, and genetic markers for ovarian cancer.

Grant applications often fail because investigators lack access to the needed biological samples or because the cost of acquiring samples is prohibitive. A researcher taking advantage of this opportunity could be in the position to submit a very compelling application, particularly given the extremely robust electronic medical record at Kaiser Permanente Northwest. Researchers with existing programs of funded research could benefit significantly by augmenting their existing sample resources with a new collection. Potential applicants should be prepared to develop a grant application using the samples within a year of the start of specimen accrual.


  • Dr. Goddard will meet with interested investigators at OHSU on March 19.
  • Invited investigators must submit ideas should by April 20.

Eligibility: OHSU PI Eligibility Requirements.

Learn more and set up a meeting with Dr. Goddard at