Enroll Now: Grant Administration Classes, March 20 & 22

Two areas of grant administration are being addressed this week in courses from Research Administration Training & Education (RATE). Enroll now by visiting the RATE web page.

  • Training Grants & Fellowships – Tuesday, March 20
  • Clinical Trials Pre and Post-Award Administration – Thursday, March 20

Training Grants & Fellowships offers an overview of the pre-award steps, guidance on using the xTrain module, and a practical understanding of the post award project management of training grants and fellowships, also known as T32s and F30/F31/F32s. Departmental administrative staff who assist in submission and/or manage these types of awards are encouraged to attend.

Clinical Trials Award Administration explores the elements involved in both budgeting and managing the finances of clinical trials. Budgeting for clinical trials includes many unique issues unlike budgets for other types of sponsored projects. Gain a thorough understanding of all key components in the financial life cycle of a clinical trial and learn about essential tools for successfully planning and managing industry clinical trial finances.

Learn more about Grant Administration courses on the RATE Courses web page or contact Margaret Gardner at rate@ohsu.edu.