TEDMEDLive simulcast, April 10-13

The OHSU Library will be hosting a live simulcast of TEDMED 2012 from Washington DC, April 10-13, 2012. TEDMEDLive will give you an interactive front row seat to the event.

What is TEDMED?

Once a year, TEDMED holds a “grand gathering” where leaders from all sectors of society come together for three and a half days. They explore the promise of technology and the potential of human achievement. TEDMED is the only place where a Nobel Prize winning neurobiologist has a conversation with a four-star general… where an opera singer (with a double lung transplant) chats with a NASA space physician… and where a ballet dancer talks to an exoskeleton designer.  When great minds from different fields meet and mix, it can lead to fresh insights and surprising breakthroughs. More information.


The OHSU Library will host a free live simulcast of TEDMED 2012 from April 10-13. Participants at OHSU will be able to engage with the DC audience and speakers in real time via the TEDMED Connect mobile app for iPhone, iPad and Android. Events will be held in the OHSU Auditorium and the BICC Gallery and are open to the public. You’ll want to arrive early to make sure you have a seat! View the TEDMEDLive @ OHSU Schedule and list of speakers.

OHSU Faculty Give TED-Inspired Talks


Contact Robin Champieux at the OHSU Library.

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Not familiar with TED Talks or TEDMED? This short video gives an overview of the events.


Already a fan? Check out this popular TEDMED video by David Sinclair, where he discuses aging research and wonders: “Can a pill a day help keep aging away?”


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  1. Aging has been big business for quite some time. Perhaps GlaxoSmithKline’s executives are simply business savvy rather than brave.

  2. Speaking of TED, if you have an iPhone you can download the TED app and watch lectures, etc. on your iPhone. I recently watched one about Future Self vs Current Self. It was great!

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