PhenX Toolkit adds 43 new Measures; boon for substance abuse researchers

The National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) is promoting the use of the PhenX Toolkit, a resource that allows substance abuse researchers to gather, share, and compare human-subjects data.

Forty three new Measures have been added to the Toolkit as part of a larger initiative by the NIDA called, ‘Genetics Data Harmonization,’ whose aim is to promote common measures that can be used by researchers across research fields. According to an NIH notice released earlier this year: “The NIDA strongly encourages human-subject studies to incorporate the measures from the Core and Specialty collections, which are available in the Substance Abuse and Addiction Collection of the PhenX Toolkit.”

The PhenX Toolkit was originally developed by Research Triangle Institute International with funds provided by the National Human Genome Research Institute to serve as a resource where researchers can review and select high-priority Measures and recommend protocols.

View the Research Triangle Institute International’s press release for more information.