Single IRB Review for studies conducted at both OHSU and the VA!

Until now, researchers conducting research that engages both OHSU and the VA in human subjects research had to obtain separate IRB approvals from OHSU and the VA. Because of the difference between the boards and the two different management systems (electronic vs. paper-based) the approval process was burdensome.

OHSU and the VA have entered into an agreement to allow single IRB review for studies that required dual review in the past.  Beginning in June, joint researchers will submit their studies through the eIRB system at OHSU for review.  Submission will be the same but must also include an additional form titled the VA Supplemental Questionnaire (VASQ). The study will then be reviewed by a combined OHSU-VA IRB comprised of OHSU and VA faculty and community members. Both IRBs, along with OCTRI, collaborated to  develop this joint OHSU-VA board so that review of studies by this single board would satisfy the regulatory obligations of both institutions.

This change will assist in making the review process shorter and more efficient, and facilitate research without compromising the quality of IRB review.  Stay tuned for more information including a webpage dedicated to the combined board, help sheets and who to contact if you have any problems. Join us on May 24, 2012 at 11:30am  for an analyst brown bag (CEI, MacDonald Auditorium) covering this issue in depth.In the meantime, please contact OHSU Sr. IRB Analyst, Trish Lindstrom, if you have any questions.