New processes for NIH Just-in-Time information

If you’ve recently logged into NIH Commons looking for updates, you may have noticed a new Just-in-Time link appearing in your account. This link is a reminder that there have been changes to the business processes for JIT information—changes that will shift our thinking and practice around JIT. Basically, this link appears for ALL applications 24 hours after the priority score is released, regardless of score or likelihood of funding. (That is one change.) However, the link itself is not a signal that you should provide JIT information. Instead, you will be prompted via e-mail from the Commons, about two weeks after your priority score release if the score is 40 or less. Note that a score of 40 or less does not mean you will be funded, but only that you will required to send in the information.

So, to recap: everybody gets the live  JIT link, but you only do something with it once you get an e-mail notification.

One other change: you must now provide your JIT information electronically at least 60 days before the start date of the project–maybe earlier, depending on your IC. This clear deadline is different from the very short turnaround that was often asked for in the past. The requirement to submit electronically is another change.

The rationale for these changes is to streamline the funding process…in theory. With paylines lower, we might be supplying a lot of JIT information that ultimately won’t be needed. We hear they will be evaluating these processes further, so be sure to weigh in if the opportunity arises. You can also follow the conversation here.

For more information, refer to the full NIH notice. Contact Deborah Golden-Eppelein in Research Grants and Contracts if you have any questions.