Limited submission process reminder

What should you do when you’re applying for a grant and you notice that only one application is accepted per institution?

Over the past few weeks, we’ve had several questions from new faculty and staff regarding OHSU’s limited submission process. Here’s a quick guide for those of you that or new and anyone else who needs a refresher:

What is a limited submission grant?

A grant is a limited submission when the sponsor restricts the number of applications or proposals an organization such as OHSU can submit (typically only 1-2 applications). When this occurs, OHSU must choose a specified number of applications to submit on behalf of the university. Applications are reviewed by the OHSU Limited Submissions Committee, which includes senior scientists from various schools & departments.

How do I know if a grant is a limited submission?

The eligibility criteria usually tells you if an application is limited submission. You can also search for the opportunity in the OHSU Funding Opportunities Database. When in doubt, email

How do I submit a limited submission application for consideration?

Refer to the OHSU Funding Opportunities Database to determine the internal deadline for submitting your preliminary proposal. We’ll usually ask you to submit a shortened version of the application for institutional review approximately 6 to 8 weeks before the sponsor’s deadline. This process has been designed to be as simple as possible and includes only materials that you would be submitting normally. Interested candidates should complete the online Limited Submission Grants Form. This online form provides basic information for the review and selection process. To this form you will attach the following materials:

  • Curriculum vita (CV)
  • 1-5 page summary of candidate’s research proposal – This document can be written in NIH-style but should be written in a manner readable by a group of educated interdisciplinary scientists. Avoid using jargon and assume that no reviewers are specialists in your field.
  • Letter of support/recommendation from a department head, chair, mentor or other appropriate person. In many cases, this letter is optional, but the review committee finds letters helpful. The letter should detail your strengths and can be used in your full application, if selected to submit.

All of these materials can be submitted via the online Limited Submission Grants Form. If you have any questions on the limited submission grants process please e-mail or call 503-494-2848.